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Antaheen: Inner Essence Journeys

“When movement stands still to contemplate its own depth”

Using therapeutic modalities like systemic/family constellation, clinical hypnotherapy, past life regression, pranic healing etc we work with humans and the issues they might be facing in life. As facilitators we help you to connect with your true self and take you beyond the obvious to achieve your highest potential.

Your thoughts and mindset is result of your upbringing. You are result of your roots, the family system and environment you have grown up in. If your entangled thoughts and emotions are resolved, your sense of self and vision for life would expand.

“Why do we admire brands, actors or actresses? We fall in love with the perceptions they create, they represent qualities which we hoped we had.”

Every human is a brand in themselves, they are born with a unique core value. The problem starts when they start replicating their environment and project imagery, to please others. They do this, to fit and get accepted by the group/society. In bargain becomes replica of the society and lose their own uniqueness. This creates confusion between self and projected imagery of their identity and causes self conflict leading to stress. Person wants to do something but lands up doing something else to live upto expectations of loved ones, society or environment. As a result their performance dips and person loses self worth. At I’m happy being me we help you to fill your emotional voids, remove your mask, facilitate self acceptance to bring up the ‘real you.’ The brand ‘YOU’. Imagine when brands surviving on voids are so big, how would you perform when your voids are filled!

At personal level you can explore relationship issues, behavioural issues, patterns, blockages, situations, reason for a disease, skillsets etc.

At business or team level, we can work with resolving team conflicts, strategic business decisions, business issues, team bonding, business performance, patterns etc.

We conduct both individual therapies and group workshops.


“Like branches of a tree we grow in different directions but our roots keeps us intact”

What is Systemic Constellation?
Systemic Constellation is a multidimensional trans-generation therapeutic modality founded by German Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. Like a physical DNA, a person has energy genealogy or psycho-genealogy which comes from the system he/she belongs to. This therapy helps you to tap into your system to find out root cause of an issue across time and space and resolve it.

We all exist in a system, network or group. Be it the universe, planet, continent, country, city, company, team, family etc. The system we belong to affects and rules our life, as we are part of it.

Our identity, beliefs, values, attitude and behaviour comes from the system we have grown up in or the system we thrive in. From the time a person is born there are different imprints that gets registered. The current life of a person is a summation of these imprints.

This therapy enables a person to look through the mesh of the system and get an insight. It is a multidimensional therapy that works across time and space. The therapist works with field of collective consciousness, known as Morphogenic Field or The Informing Field. You don’t have to bring your family members for this session. The work with them happens through you. The way all computers are connected through a master server in an organization we are connected through this field. The client is the password to access his/ her system.

The Process
The facilitator sets up an energy matrix with the help of the group. The matrix is the morphogenic field, an energy network, in which the group is telepathically interconnected. This field is an informing field of collective consciousness which has information of all living organisms.
When a participant brings an issue concerning his life, the facilitator requests him/her to intuitively select representatives from the group to represent different characters concerning the story. The representatives once placed in the energy field start expressing these characters without knowing them. The entire story unfolds, like a theatre or movie uncovering the hidden dynamics causing the entanglement. The client works to resolve it and later affects of the therapy gets manifested in physical reality. No prior training is required for this therapy.
There are different kinds of constellations that can be set up:
i. Family Constellation ii. Business Constellation iii. Structural Constellation

i. Family Constellation
This is the most popular form of systemic constellation. Lot of people refer to systemic constellation as family constellation. Parents are the roots from where we ascend. As kids we pick up their habits, behaviour, thinking patterns, burdens, grudges, etc and subconsciously reflect it in our lives. It is very important to resolve entangled thoughts and feelings with parents. If the roots are weak the tree cannot stand tall. The masculine and feminine energies in us, come from them, they are first role models for us. The masculine
energy in us, help us in our career, money matters, materialistic gains etc. The feminine energy brings in qualities of nurturing, sensitivity and relationships. Balance of masculine and feminine, develops us into a fine human being who can say i’m happy being me. The following can be healed with this therapy:
Relationship Healing | Patterns & Situations | Behaviour, Attitude & Skills | Career Blockages | Stress Management | Clarity & Direction regarding any issue| Reason for Physical aches and pains | Fears & Phobias | Personal & Spiritual Development | Addictions | Diseases.
In short, you can explore anything and everything which is part of you.

ii. Business Constellations
Like every family, every organization is a system and has a soul, it’s own network of energy, which is a result of organizational structure, various events, and incidences that has happened between people over number of years. When we face a business problem we usually try to adopt analytical and research methods to find reasons. However, there are hidden dynamics between humans working in the organization that does not get revealed by these methods. For instance, there was a conflict between two leaders years back which led to differences between two departments, and it continues till date. Those leaders might or might not be in the organization but the conflict remains in the system.
The training programs that organizations adopt might tick all the required quantitative numbers for the HR Head however if the people attending these training programs do not abide by it or follow up on the given suggestions or activities it goes waste. When we use a therapeutic modality like this, we work with the soul of the system and humans then and there. The work is done on the spot, no conscious effort or follow ups are required by the attendees. There is a deeper insight achieved in matter of hours where it might have taken months and years and tons of investment to resolve an issue or find a reason for the issue. In short, Business Constellations is a tool through that can depict complex interconnections and reciprocal effects in a clear and simple way. It helps to resolve hidden entanglements and identify resources in the business.
Business constellations can be used for the following areas:
Strategic Decision Making: Where you can place strategic directions available as options in the energy matrix and see result of each option before you implement them.
Team Dynamics | Business Issues| Patterns| Customer Relations| Organization Performance or any other business issue.

iii. Structural Constellation
Structural Constellation deals with abstract concepts, to go beyond living organisms, family or business. If a client doesn’t want to work with family but just want to deal with a
situation, emotion, pattern or disease we can use structural constellation. For e.g. Self Esteem model, choice between options, Self Confidence, disease, addictions etc. Structural Constellations open a wider field sometimes and can also lead to family constellation for deeper healing.

What is Systemic Constellation?

What is Morphogenic Field?


Before explaining the process of Hypnotherapy, let us understand how our mind functions. In our mind everything starts with a thought. When a thought comes to you it has no charge in it, it is neutral till a positive or negative emotion is added to it. The nature of emotion decides how you would judge the thought or react to the thought. The nature of emotion is decided referring to the belief systems. Belief Systems are acquired from your environment – family, education, religion or socio economy class you grew up in or a past life. Every emotion then creates a positive or negative energy which then affects your physical body. The way electricity is required to operate a factory, energy is required to operate your physical body. If you have negativity or lack of energy the performance of the factory gets affected. So to manage the mind which controls you, one has to make sure that correction is done in all four levels that the mind controls viz thoughts, emotions, energy and physical body.

Hypnotherapy is a modality or technique to manage or rectify working of your mind. We take you into a very deep relaxation, where your conscious mind is awake but loses control and you get access to your subconscious mind. When you get access to your subconscious mind you get access to all data which is stored in it. You can see and edit those files as per what you want and as a result situations in your life changes. Through Hypnotherapy you can access past life records or records from your childhood.


We will try and bring workshops, seminars & retreats from different facilitators and teachers who can touch your journey in different ways at different levels…

You can also book a private session with our panel of facilitators through us.