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Live guided therapeutic role play workshop

This workshop is about working with human behaviour by managing perception about self and others. Using the ‘Live Guided Role Play’ (Theatre of Life) technique we make people represent each other’s character, step out of their story, and objectively see facts of any situation from other person’s perspective.

This modality was founded by German Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger.  It is popular in Europe and US but relatively new in India. It is popularly called the ‘Systemic Constellation Therapy’

The workshop is conducted like a live theatre, where people play out different characters without prior script or rehearsal. Phenomenology and telepathy are used as key tools. The moment you place two people in front of each other, without speaking a word, their dynamics start playing up.

The live performance cuts down pre-judgements regarding an issue and gives deep insight into a situation which can be related to people issue, business strategies, processes or any other hidden dynamics causing the issue.

The facilitator also uses NLP to decode body language and movements of the participants.

It can be practiced as an individual or a group therapy. It is most effective when done in groups.

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