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What is Human Brand Management?

Human Brand Management is new way of branding – ‘inward branding to outward projection.’ It is about first managing and expanding mindset of ‘humans’ running the brand and then extending their values to the brand and synchronizing its creation and management with humans running it.

When we talk about a brand or a person we usually consider things which are visible to the naked eye or exists in the moment – analytical data and statistics. However there also exists invisible dynamics of past history of experiences, events, relationships and conversation or conflicts between people which defines today’s reality, beliefs and value system of the brand, a person or department. 

Every corporate brand is run by people. Its core team of leaders. The brand is an extension of vision of owner or leaders who creates it. These leaders in turn manage other humans working in the organization and give them direction based on their thoughts and mindsets. Thought and mindsets of leaders are result of their upbringing, the family and environment they have grown up in sets their beliefs and values. Vision of the brand is equally proportionate to personal life vision of the leader leading it. Hence, using therapeutic modalities – systemic constellation, business constellation and family constellation we first work with the thoughts and beliefs of the leader, identify limitations, issues or blockages he/she might be facing, resolve it. Then synchronize leader’s vision with his core team leading different departments and get into brand creation or re-defining brand strategies. 

Currently, your company might be spending months or years identifying core reason for a problem and resolving it, even then identifying invisible dynamics might not be humanly possible however using systemic constellation this can be done in hours or days. We can help you to identify, find core insight of a problem and resolve it. 

We understand the personal vision of the leader; help him/her overcome limiting beliefs, to expand his mindset, which in turn expands vision for the company and the brand. The Brand Positioning, Strategy and Designing of logo, visual language, packaging, retail experience, etc is done afterwards as an outward visual projection. Brand created under this process has uniformity and synchronicity at all levels. Right from humans managing it to creation of brand. Inward Branding to Outward Projection: HUMAN BRAND MANAGEMENT

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