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Inner Essence Journey

I’m happy being me was founded by komal agarwal as an attempt to contribute in creating an inclusive society for herself and future generation.

Vision: Creation of an inclusive society

Purpose: Facilitate people on their journey of self-actualization

Mission: Reach 1% of total population with our services, through direct and indirect mediums with multiply chain effect.
As per 100th monkey phenomena if 1% of the population change, entire society shifts by three folds. You cannot change others, you can only change yourself. Hence, objective of I’m happy being me is to support and facilitate you on your journey of self-actualization – Transforming of society by transforming self.
The same logic is applied when we work with Corporate teams or brands. We work with the CEO and his leadership team to bring change in the organization. The CEOs of corporate brands are nations infrastructure builders leading large teams. If one CEO shifts his entire organization shifts with him/her. Brands or businesses that are created in harmony at all levels, will have a positive impact on society and succeed.
Komal strongly believes, if you are happy being yourself you take responsibility of your actions and do not trouble others. Corruption is result of unrest souls who are not happy with what they have. She started working on herself with therapies before extending it to others through I’m happy being me. This company is an attempt to share her experiences and learnings of being a therapist and brand consultant and her own journey of selfactualization with you.
We work with individuals for personal development and corporate for team building, strategic directions, identifying and resolving business challenges, brand logo design creation and rejuvenation.
Our USP can be summed up as ‘Inward Branding to Outward Projection.’ Please read our section on human brand management for more details.
‘I’m happy being me’ is ‘liberation’ where you move from ‘doing’ mode to ‘being’ mode. In other words you move from ‘ifs, buts, when, how, what’ to just ‘be’

Komal Agarwal (Antaheen)

(CEO & Therapist)

I started my professional career in field of Marketing and Branding and then personal situations and challenges of life, guided me to spirituality. My quest to find myself, led me to world of therapies, my journey started with Pranic Healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Work, Systemic/Family Constellations and recently exploring sound healing. I largely practise Systemic/Family Constellation work now and have integrated all other modalities with it.
Under I’m happy being me I have dual profession. On one end I am a therapist while on other I am a brand consultant where I create and manage brands, ike virtual human beings. I have merged both to create concept of ‘human brand management’ which is my quest to connect with a larger objective or purpose of life.



Other Teachers & Therapists

We will try and bring workshops, seminars & retreats from different facilitators and teachers who can touch your journey in different ways at different levels…

You can book a private session with our panel of facilitators through us.

Sanj Hall is a renowned name in the field of Gong Healing He, a traveling gong yogacharya, sound artist and healer who has taken the divine order to spread the goodness of gong and its teaching to the world.
He conducts gong baths, meditative concerts, sound healing/therapy sessions , sound journeys and sound healing retreats worldwide touching many lives and empowering communities.. He travels extensively, spreading the sounds of gongs, singing bowls, handpan, drums and many other instruments,. across Europe, Middle East and India. He also teaches extensively to sound seekers and students

He has learned from and collaborated with many Masters, such as, Yongey Mingyur Rincpoche, Swami Chidananad Saraswati, Grand Gongmaster Don Conreaux, Dr Mitch Nur, Mehtab Benton, Sukhminder Khalsa and others. In addition to his extensive tours worldwide, he spends a considerable time in ashrams and monasteries in India with yogis, deepening and widening his own practice in sound and nada yoga.

He also performs meditative “free spiritual jazz” concerts worldwide both as a solo artist as well as in collaboration with other sound artists. He has made a few studio albums using soundscapes of nature, healing sound instruments and ragas and hyms.

This section will be updated soon.
This section will be updated soon.

Family & Business Constellations

Ancestral Healing, Karma Entanglements, Releasing Patterns, Releasing Entangle Souls

Human Brand Management

Inward Branding to Outward Projection, Outward Projection to create a holistic Brand


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