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Let’s Walk Together…

“A guru is nothing but ‘space’ that can contain you”

I started this venture with intention of being a hand to those, who are looking for one. My teachers never made me dependent on them, they empowered me to be. They supported me when I needed and left me independent when I had to be. This venture is an extension of their faith and believe in me. An attempt to take their and my intentions forward. Every person has their unique expression, this is an attempt to share mine, with you. Human situations or emotions are not different, how you choose to experience them and deal with them, makes your journey unique.

– Komal Agarwal (Antaheen)

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Individuals, Corporate & Community

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Family Constellation, Past Life Regression, Human Brand Management, to name a few

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“A very different unusual but very effective technic.”

“Indeed a must … it’s an experience to be taken… to realize what relationships is all abt… to get closer to ur near n dear ones… must .. must.. must..”​​​​

“The amount of love I have received from you in two day workshop, I have not received in my entire life”

“You are the guru I was looking for. Thank you for helping us accept our autistic child for what he is”

“ Great, must experience, a good healing medium. Komal is, an excellent medium and facilitator, especially with the “spur of the moment”response and chanelling.”

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We will try and bring workshops, seminars & retreats from different facilitators and teachers who can touch your journey in different ways at different levels…

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